Our philosophy and training programme has lead to success for many of their atheletes in at International, National, State and Regional levels.

The programme helps build strong bonds between our coach and atheletes, creating positive relationships between everyone invovled in the program.

Benita Johnson

World Cross Country Champion

Triple Olympian

Australian 5km, 10km and Marathon Record Holder

Trained with Clancy Coaching from 1992 to 1997

"Clancy Coaching started coaching me when I entered high school as a 13 yr old. Before then, I was interested in running but not passionate about it and really didn't like training all that much, just competing. Clancy Coaching was the first coach I had that really introduced the 'fun' aspect of the sport to me through training methods and involving a group of athletes in all sessions to run with. 

All our workouts were well thought out - they were tough but at the same time something to look forward to day in day out. During our 5 years working together, I steadily improved my PBs each and every year and ended up winning numerous state and national titles. From here, I went on to accept a scholarship to the AIS as my enthusiasm for the sport was such that I decided to try and make athletics my career. 

With belief and hard work which Clancy Coaching encourages, anything is possible. We weren't ever short of laughs in our training sessions!"

Benita Johnson

Catlin Pincott

4 time Commonwealth Games 400m Gold Medallist

Oceania Athlete

World Championships Australian Representative

Trained with Clancy Coaching from 1994 to 2013

"Clancy Coaching has been coaching me since I was eleven years old. During those thirteen years I have gone from a kid who enjoyed running to a Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist. I would definitely recommend Clancy Coaching to any athlete. The programs incorporate the latest scientific findings, are very well planned and implemented and have lots of variety.

As a young athlete I found the programs were very effective but enjoyable and I did not suffer from burnout or boredom that a lot of young athletes do experience from over training. Clancy Coaching has experience coaching primary school, high school, university and elite level athletes. All these training programs are meticulously prepared each week depending on the goals of each athlete. All Clancy Coaching athletes need to do is to follow the program given to them. Clancy Coaching works with the athletes to develop a program to meet their goals. They then do all the hard work preparing each session based on these goals. Clancy Coaching are very approachable people and are always wanting input from the athletes.

My current training arrangement means that I only see Clancy Coaching once a week, at the most. I have found the style of coaching to be very effective as I can fit my training in to suit my lifestyle. This was beneficial whilst I was at university (studying law) and now working. In addition, being in control of most of my sessions has allowed me to develop independence and commitment as an athlete. Even though I do not actually see Clancy Coaching every day, they are in regular contact with me through email to check up on my training."

Catlin Pincott

Dan Forsyth

Australian Junior 4x400m Representative at World Junior track and field Championships 2014

Trained with Clancy Coaching 6 years

I started working with Clancy Coaching when I started at Brisbane Grammar School as a twelve year old. Together, John and Liz guided me through a unique transition from a mediocre cross country runner to an Australian Junior 4x400m Representative.

When I first started with Clancy Coaching I was shown a way of training I had never experienced before. The programs John and Liz implemented were strategically developed combining scientific knowledge with a fun factor. Each session, while gruelling (watch out for 3 x 3 x 300m), was enjoyable for a number of reasons. There was plenty of variety between sessions, keeping it challenging but engaging. John was always on hand to provide advice and support along with many heinous ‘Dad jokes’. Finally we had a squad full of like-minded people, who not only strived to push their boundaries but enjoyed a laugh while doing so.

We trained together twice a week at UQ and completed further training individually for the remainder of the week. This was perfect for the majority of the squad, who were either students or working full time, as it allowed us the flexibility to complete the sessions in our own time.

As you can gather from the squads other former athletes including Benita Willis and Caitlin Pincott, there is no doubt that Clancy Coaching is capable of delivering the success you strive for. I would highly recommend Clancy Coaching to anyone who is looking to better their performance and enjoy running at the same time!

Dan Forsyth

Riley Kelly

State and National Representative

Selected for UCLA track and field team

Trained with Clancy Coaching from 2011 to 2016

Since joining Clancy Coaching in 2011, I have enjoyed a significant amount of success and improvement. Training is fun, varied and contemporary with the latest sports science studies always incorporated into the programs. I have no trouble keeping interested and motivated throughout the season. I particularly enjoy running twice a week with the squad in an encouraging and supportive team environment.

Clancy Coaching training programs target all of the key components of fitness, creating a well-rounded and efficient athlete. The programs are specific and realistic to your goals and personally designed to accommodate each athlete’s needs and requirements. The key philosophies emphasised by Clancy Coaching are enjoyment and improvement. As I completed the program each week, Clancy Coaching always made sure to monitor my health and wellbeing with weekly reviews and phone calls.

Under the guidance and direction of Clancy Coaching, I have improved my 800m time from 2:07 to 1:52 and my 1500m time from 4:30 to 3:55. Most recently, I received a silver medal in the Queensland U18 800m and 1500m. I was 4th in the 800m and 1500m at the Australian All Schools Championships. I would recommend Clancy Coaching to any primary school, high school, university, elite or professional athlete who wants to improve in a fun, positive and supportive coaching environment.

Riley Kelly

Margie Atthow

Queensland 1500m Champion from 2012 to 2015

Nation Finalist

Trained with Clancy Coaching from 2012 to 2015

John is able to create a program that targets each of the essential areas needed for your chosen event. Over the time I trained with Clancy Coaching I competed and achieved pb’s in every event I competed in, from 100m up to a marathon. Every week is different, using a variety of sessions that target strength, speed, lactic, and aerobic fitness. The sessions are always interesting and fun, and can be geared to wherever you are- at the beach, in the snow- you certainly don’t have to have access to a track!

If you are able to come and train with the team at the University of Queensland on Tuesdays and Thursdays it will create that extra edge for your training. It is made up of a wonderful group of people, all with different strengths, but who are all out there to have fun while training hard to achieve their goals. You know that for every session you come out for with the group there will be smiles and laughter, and support every step of every rep.

I cannot recommend training with Clancy Coaching highly enough. John and Liz are incredibly knowledgeable, making sure you are happy and healthy while working with you to help you achieve your goals, whether it is an Olympic medal or just running to get fit.

Margie Atthow

Adrienne Mcivor

Australian Masters, 45 years plus, 800m record holder

Trained with Clancy Coaching since 2015

Clancy Coaching provides individualised coaching programs and support to athletes of all ages and abilities. The twice weekly group training sessions offer a balance between a strong focus on goal achievement and an opportunity to enjoy running and social interaction. The training programs are designed with each athlete’s needs in mind and their structure encourages athletes to develop independence and commitment to training.

I believe that every athlete needs a coach, no matter how self-motivated or experienced they may be. Over the past year, Clancy Coaching provided me with the support and expertise that enabled me to compete again in the Australian Championships, something that I thought impossible after having a thirteen year break from athletics to raise my family.

Two of my children, aged 12 and 21 years, have also benefited from Clancy Coaching. To see them seek the thrill of athletics training and competition, enjoy the satisfaction of achievement and develop the commitment and determination that is necessary to succeed not only in sport but in all aspects of life is truly valuable and am grateful to Clancy Coaching for providing this opportunity.

Adrienne Mcivor